$121bn Market size, Emotionally Intelligent AI: HiveSkill

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HiveSkill uses emotionally intelligent AI to maximize the impact of digital marketing. The companyโ€™s proprietary technology aims to disrupt the $121.5Bn marketing technology industry.

Deal Highlights
Established partnerships with Crunchbase, Hubspot, and a growing number of integrated data providers
Built an experienced leadership team in sales, marketing, and AI
Developed a Minimum Viable Product of HiveSkillโ€™s platform
Onboarded numerous clients
Collected data on over 1M users

AIโ€™s impact has drastically changed how marketing works. The market for marketing software alone is valued at $49.4Bn, and is expected to grow at a 17.4% CAGR, according to Grandview Research. The estimated global market for general marketing technology (Martech) is $121.5Bn. In the past two years, the market doubled in North America and the U.K., showing a rapidly growing demand for marketing tech, according to BDO.


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