$12B North American Tractor Market Opportunity – Invest in Electric Tractors

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Regulation Crowdfunding Offering

Climate-Smart Electric Tractors

$1,038,497 Raised | 1,193 Investors

$250.00 Min. Investment

Solectrac’s line of all-electric agriculture and utility tractors are designed to replace diesel tractors. Their electric tractors can be charged with renewable energy or from any 220v outlet. Reasons to invest in Solectrac include:

Sales Growth: Solectrac’s Q3 sales were $257K as of September 1st, an increase of more than 4x compared to Q2.
First-Mover Advantage: Solectrac is the first company to bring a zero-emission under-40HP tractor to market, and the company has a patented battery exchange system.
As a Certified B Corp, Solectrac holds its mission of social responsibility and environmental health as a top priority. You can invest in Solectrac for as little as $250.


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