150+ paying customers including Citi, US Foods – COI Energy launches on Republic

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The Highlights

• Black female-founded startup disrupting a $92B smart grid market
• 150+ paying customers, including Citi, US Foods, TECO & NY Power Authority
• Proprietary ML & AI generating best-in-class energy efficiency insights
• Rise of the Rest, MassChallenge, Nasdaq Milestone Maker & 76West Alumna
• Backed by Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab and SAP.iO
• Recognized by Google for Startups as 1 of 30 Black founders to watch in 2021
Energy waste from buildings alone in the U.S. results in over 300 million metric tons of carbon emitted into the environment and $55B thrown out the window every year.

Global warming poses considerable threats in the near future. In order to reduce temperature changes, it is estimated that we need to decrease total emissions by 45%. Buildings and fossil fuel power plants are a great place to start.

COI Energy offers a disruptive technology platform that enables companies to maximize their potential savings from real-time demand management insights. Their mission is to empower businesses to achieve their energy goals and reduce their carbon footprint, enhancing their financial stability and long-term success.


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