19 paid customer sites and 1,000 citizen users in 9 months, Mini City on Netcapital🚀

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Mini City provides identification, employment opportunities and other vital services for homeless citizens and streamlines the admin process for organizations, municipalities and enterprise corporations that serve the homeless. Using an onsite SaaS housed in an accessible and mobile tablet, the homeless citizen is able to access services that enable cities, clinics, shelters, and homeless care providers in their efforts to more efficiently assist, track and innovate for those they serve.

Deal Highlights
Aggregator of “rare data” on the homeless, enabling enterprise corporations to expand business-driven outreach and connecting the indigent to services so they can thrive rather than just survive
19 paid customer sites and 1,000 homeless citizen users from Jan – Sept 2020. Their sites range from the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport to homeless care providers downtown and youth counseling centers.
$42 Bn total addressable market (TAM)
Accelerators include: NBCUniversal, JP Chase and Morgan, and Goodie Nation

Issuer Updates

Melanence has partnered with the Wharton Impact Venture Associates (WIVA), a best in-class investment vehcicle out of the University of Pennsylvania that helps to connect social entrepreneurs with relevant resources like personnel and sources of capital.

Defynance was featured in an article on Hypepotamus.

SampleServe was chosen as a 2020 Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner.


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