25K+ customers & revolutionizing e-commerce ๐Ÿ‘š – Brass launches on Republic

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Brass launches on Republic

A womenswear brand transforming e-commerce through community and connection

Affordable, high-quality clothes for the working woman and a high-touch online shopping experience she cannot get anywhere else

The Highlights
โ€ข 25K+ women own Brass: Theory-caliber product at affordable prices
โ€ข $5.2M in accrued revenue since launch; $1.8M in 2019 (unaudited)
โ€ข Most engaged customers are members of Brassโ€™ digital community, The Guild
โ€ข The LTV of a customer in The Guild is 6x that of a Non-Guild customer
โ€ข Brass customers have committed ~$150K in capital alongside this round
The Brass mission is to serve women. Since inception Brass has pioneered the concept of building a functional wardrobe, filled with affordable, machine washable, low maintenance pieces that do more than change a woman’s morningโ€”they save her time for the big moments in life.

Brass doesnโ€™t stop at exceptional, value-driven products. They are differentiated by their dynamic online community that gives women the online shopping experience they crave and deserve. Their digital community, The Brass Guild, is transforming e-commerce by making it an empowering, enjoyable, efficient and informed experience.
Fashion e-commerce: $475B Market by 2022

Brass sits nicely between professional wear and lifestyle product categories


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