3 new companies, 1 closing soon from WeFunder

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We’ve got a hat-trick of new companies this week: wifi in space, do-good software and a freelancing platform… for manufacturing!

Check them out, alongside many more, below.

Featured Startup ️

Cornbread Hemp — USDA-Certified Organic CBD.
• Certified by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and sold in over 100 retail stores in 10 states.
• 52% revenue growth from 2019 to 2020, averaging $4-6K in monthly profits since initial $100K investment 1 year ago.

I knew Jim Higdon from reading his book on the Cornbread Mafia. Nobody knows the hemp industry better than Jim. And then I met his cousin, Eric Zipperle… he’s brilliant at social media and marketing. Between the two of them, they make a very strong management team.

Larry Doyle
Managing Director, Horizon Kinetics
Invested $100K in previous round

Invest in Cornbread Hemp


Solstar Space Company – Bringing internet to people and things in space.
• Has had 3 successful spaceflights and demonstrated the first commercial WiFi hotspot in space and Tweet from space.
• Founder has 30+ years of experience in the commercial space and satellite industries, including 6 years at NASA.
Brightest – Social impact software for business & non-profits.
• Software used by 200+ socially responsible companies, non-profits, and schools. Powered 100,000+ people taking positive environmental and social action in 2019.
• +20% month-over-month growth in March 2020 due to increased usage around COVID-19 response and relief work.
3DHoudini – The first freelance platform serving the manufacturing industry.
• Provides manufacturers with low-cost access to a $1T global market.
• Highly automated, low overhead, virtual business with the ability to scale quickly.

Closing Soon

SunState Laboratories – DAZZ Cleaning Tablets – Save money, plastic, and the earth.

Close to Goal

Stackhouse – Developing affordable, portable tiny homes across the country.

Parlay Cafe – Coffee shop meets co-working space for home workers.

Most Raised This Week

GroGuru – Strategic irrigation management for the smart farm.

Fancy – Social marketplace to discover extraordinary lifestyle products.

Kingmakers Ops – Developing recession-resistant companies.

Ghost Flower – The only activewear with the body’s energy network woven in.

SapientX – Giving AI-powered voice assistants an upgrade.


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