350% Growth Year-to-Date: Plant An App launches on Republic

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Plant an App launches on Republic

The future of software is business & IT on the same platform, at the same time

One of the only low-code platforms that includes software engineers

The Highlights

• 350% Growth Year-to-Date, 15% Month-over-Month
• $270K ARR plus $130k in services Year-to-Date, signed 36 Customers
• $52B Market by 2024, 45% CAGR, Low-Code Enterprise Software
• Pioneering the Low-Code Engineer & the Low-Code Agency
• CEO & Team previously ran a successful company in the Developer Tools space
• Graduated from 500 Startups in 2020 and $150k Investment from VC fund
Low-code platforms are transforming how enterprises can improve the delivery of tailored software solutions. Gartner predicts that “by 2024, low-code will be responsible for 65% of all application development.”

Plant an App is a low-code platform built by developers, for developers. They give teams the speed of low-code without compromising flexibility. This shortens the feedback loop and removes the friction between IT and business, helping to speed up the software delivery process by an estimated 20 times.*


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