$4.5M Raised: Invest in a More Efficient Combustion Engine

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LiquidPiston is disrupting 150-year-old engine technology. LiquidPiston has improved engines in virtually all key parameters: efficiency, weight, size, vibration and noise.

Reasons to invest in LiquidPiston include:
โ€ข Major Contracts: LiquidPiston has earned $9M in Department of Defense contracts with DARPA and the U.S Army and has completed four pilot studies signed in 2019, resulting in $1.1M of commercial revenue.
โ€ข Market Opportunity: The internal combustion engine market generates $400B in annual revenue.
LiquidPiston’s team is composed of leading innovators in computer science, AI, physics, math and engineering. You can invest in LiquidPiston for as little as $765.00.


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