How VasoGnosis Works

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How VasoGnosis Uses AI-powered Diagnostic & Surgical Planning Software to Save Lives

Today, 150mm+ people are suffering from a brain aneurysm globally. Each year 500k people die because of strokes which, in most cases, are caused by aneurysm. VasoGnosis’s mission is to save brains and preserve life. The company’s AI-powered diagnostic and surgical planning software as a service (SaaS) for cerebrovascular diseases, helps neurosurgeons and interventional neuroradiologists make data-driven decisions.

Here’s how it works:
• VasoGnosis artificial intelligence algorithms are trained to extract vasculature information from medical images to detect abnormalities.
• Once an anomaly is found, the algorithm identifies the diseases and shows its location.
• The system then provides three-dimensional measurements in a customizable radiology report format.
• After the measurement, the software performs a detailed analysis that determines the necessity of surgical operation.
• When the surgery is verified by the surgeon, VasoGnosis’s surgical planning tool enables surgeons to rehearse the surgery via a blood flow simulator and evaluate patient outcomes.
VasoGnosis released its initial product – VG Recon in Q2 2020. Today, VG Recon is being evaluated as a part of research efforts on brain aneurysms at tier-one institutions.


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