60% revenue growth month over month – Blended Sense launches on Republic

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The Highlights

60% revenue growth month over month; projected $700k revenue by end of year
11K digital assets delivered and expected profitability by 2021
Addressing a $412B niche in the market
Servicing bi-lingual businesses (English / Spanish)
60% customer conversion rate
Capital Factory Texas Startup of the Year 2019
Online communication has never been more critical for small businesses, but the creative supply chain to access the content needed is disconnected and outdated. Without reliable creative services, small businesses are losing income potential and are putting their business at risk.

Blended Sense has created a managed marketplace that connects local vetted creative professionals with local businesses to provide reliable, accessible, and fast content production critical to running their business. Their trademarked platform, Creative Intelligenceโ„ข, handles all the accounting, project management, and customer service for the creative professional.



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