$6M Raised – LiquidPiston Is Reinventing the Combustion Engine

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Regulation A+ Offering

The combustion engine reimagined
$6,226,724 Raised | 3,240 Investors
$765.00 Min. Investment

Starting with the physics of how engines operate, LiquidPiston has redesigned the traditional internal combustion engine and developed an innovative, efficient alternative. Its engines have gained traction and recognition within the DoD and industrial sectors. Reasons to invest in LiquidPiston include:

Traction: With over $10M in Department of Defense and aerospace contracts, LiquidPiston already has an established presence in the military space.
Team: The team behind LiquidPiston is composed of leading innovators in computer science, AI, physics, math and engineering.
LiquidPiston provides an opportunity to help change the energy-sustainability paradigm. You can invest in LiquidPiston for as little as $765.


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