9 Days Remaining in TerraCycle’s Current Offering: Profitably Recycle Anything

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There are only 9 days left to invest in TerraCycle’s current offering! TerraCycle profitably recycles what most consider to be โ€œunrecyclable.โ€ What was once considered non-recyclable waste can be collected and transformed into raw materials for the creation of new products. Reasons to invest in TerraCycle include:
Increasing Profitability: TerraCycle earned $4.3M in EBITDA in 2019 off of $27M in revenue, an increase from an EBITDA of $1.7M in 2018 and $20M in revenue.
Media Exposure: Globally, over 14 articles are written about TerraCycle every day, and the company has earned over 200 awards.
This year, TerraCycle paid their second annual dividend at $2.65 per share. You can invest in TerraCycle for as little as $700.


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