⏰ CLOSING SOON: Fantasy sports search engine Fanalyze with 5k users and a 3-tiered business model

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Fanalyze is closing soon

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• #1 fantasy sports search engine (based on Google search results)
• 5K+ users with the goal of 10K paid users by 2021
• Global sports analytics market to reach $2.7B by 2027
• Registered trademark and utility patent pending
• Partnerships with FSGA, Sportradar, HYPE, GamePlanU & more
• Won $50K in cash and prizes in a pitch competition
Sports betting – particularly fantasy sports betting – is a popular pastime in the United States. However, Americans lose around $120B a year on sports betting. Why? Research is time-consuming and difficult to manage.
Fanalyze is a sports data app that lets people save time with accurate data. Users can quickly get relevant information, compare players and teams, customize their preferences, and aggregate data from top sources and compare advanced stats. In short, it’s an all-in-one sports betting tool that saves hours of time for enthusiasts.


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The business model
Fanalyze has an omni-channel business model. They offer three unique subscription tiers. Their basic package is free, and they generate revenue through ads. Their pro and all-star tiers accrue monthly revenues. Fanalyze estimates a $50 average annual subscription and projects their revenue to surpass $500K by EOY 2021.


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