A banner year at Republic

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It’s been a big year here at Republic. Let’s go over a few of the major events so far.
First, we’re excited to announce the Republic Note hit its target thanks to over $11 million in Reg D subscriptions as well as over $5 million in reservations of interest by non-accredited investors. We are grateful to the record 10,000+ participants from more than 100 countries who made this such a success.
In fact, we were so oversubscribed with investments and reservations of interest that more than 1,000 people were added to the waitlists. All this means you helped make the Republic Note the most successful offering in Republic’s history!
Read more about the Republic Note sale here.
We’re also expanding into new verticals and asset classes. We recently acquired Compound, a real estate investment platform. Together with the experienced Compound team, we launched Republic Real Estate. We have hosted three deals sponsored by the Compound team so far, where members had a chance to purchase a stake in condos in some of America’s best cities: Miami (sold out), Austin (sold out), and Nashville (sold out). The response from our community has been strong, so you can expect to see more real estate deals coming soon.
In the Spring, we acquired Fig, a revolutionary platform that allows investors to participate in the upside of video games and video game consoles. Together with the Fig team, we launched our first deal for a new gaming system by Intellivision called the Amico. So far, that deal has seen investments and indications of interest through a 506(c) and Reg A testing the waters offerings in excess of $5,000,000 in 45 days.
The gaming sector is hotter, and bigger, than ever before, and we’ve got major plans for this space.
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