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We are a Beachwood, OH-based company. This may very well be that one investment that you will tell stories about. Bold? Maybe, but you must hear me out on this one. As you may already know, Smart Soda is currently open for the first financing round, and based on our previous success on Start Engine, raising $300K in under 2 months, I wanted to offer you early access.

This is a very short round for 230k, and the last chance to get in at this valuation. We are continuing the previous round. While I canโ€™t disclose the plans for the near future, the valuation wonโ€™t stay the same.

We have almost doubled our sales as of Q3/2020 (during a global pandemic)!

Smart Soda got recognized by a few fortune 500 companies as well as multi-million dollar chains. Some of the information and canโ€™t be published yet due to an NDA.
We are in touch with over 100 clients in different sizes and stages, some of them are very close to signing.

You will be investing with like-minded professionals who are just as eager and excited about our vision and forecasts. We have welcomed more than 650 investors already and now is your chance.

If you would like to explore sharing this journey with us, below you will be able to find the link with more information about the company, terms, etc.

If you are an accredited investor or looking for a larger investment please PM for a full Investor Deck.


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