A new startups and a new milestone in TruCrowd for March

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In this edition of TruCrowd Updates, we take a look at a new crowdfund offering in the field of biotechnology and a significant milestone achieved by an entertainment startup.

GenBio Inc.
Just launched

GenBio Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company on track to develop a new generation of more potent, and less toxic drugs to treat numerous inflammatory conditions and diseases.
The company aims to be the first company in the world to isolate and identify a new molecule for the development of such drugs.

GenBio accepts investments starting at $500.

American Stories Entertainment, Inc
$250K Milestone reached

American Stories Entertainment (ASE) is an entertainment company that aims to provide creative, uplifting content to American viewers. Its unique platform wants to involve its viewers in content creation by allowing them to pitch story ideas.

American Stories Entertainment accepts investments starting at $500.
Find out more about ASE here.

For our complete list of investment opportunities here at TruCrowd, check below.

Over $250K Committed

American Stories Entertainment, Inc.
Inspirational content about real people
Regulation CF Offering
$265,918 Committed | 100 Investors
$500 Min. Investment
$28,410,737 Valuation

Over $150K Committed

Building Economic Advancement Networks
Regulation CF Offering
$170,850 Committed | 260 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

LiveWell Assisted Living
CBD Assisted Living
Regulation CF Offering
$164,287 Committed | 45 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$6M Valuation

Minimum Goal Reached

Streaming Television Inc.
Local Television Back To Local People
Regulation CF Offering
$65,351 Committed | 46 Investors
$100 Min. Investment
$9M Valuation

Rogue Space Systems Corporation
Revolutionary Satellite Servicing Company
Regulation CF Offering
$63,489 Committed | 76 Investors
$240 Min. Investment
$17,324,078 Valuation

digieBot Technologies, Inc
Changing the Future of Trading
Regulation CF Offering
$59,745 Committed | 59 Investors
$350 Min. Investment
$21M Valuation

Weeds Never Sleep, LLC
Safe, organic alternative to toxic herbicides
Regulation CF Offering
$28,052 Committed | 39 Investors
$100 Min. Investment
$2.5M Valuation

Superior filter for exhaust systems
Regulation CF Offering
$18,150 Committed | 10 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$5.5M Valuation

Here to Serve Holding Corp
Investments in mining, real estate, and securities industries
Regulation CF Offering
$13,183 Committed | 13 Investors
$120 Min. Investment
$8,400,000 Valuation

VerseBooks, Inc.
License Your Next Verse
Regulation CF Offering
$12,421 Committed | 36 Investors
$100 Min. Investment
$10M Valuation

Med-X, Inc.
Leader in green solutions
Regulation CF Offering
$12,335 Committed | 8 Investors
$420 Min. Investment
$88,552,772 Valuation

Latest Investment Offerings

GenBio Inc.
Expanding Possibilities Through Nature
Regulation CF Offering
$6,750 Committed | 6 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$20M Valuation

Raindrop Texting Solutions
Text Messaging Platform for Organizations
Regulation CF Offering
$3,000 Committed | 3 Investors
$100 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

KhemoSafe Inc
Tech for Safer Disposal of Hazardous Waste
Regulation CF Offering
$1,074 Committed | 6 Investors
$99.75 Min. Investment
$2,750,000 Valuation


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