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Talla’s AI platform is transforming the way businesses deliver customer support, and is poised for growth in a rapidly expanding industry. Backed by prominent VCs, including Glasswing Ventures, PJC, and Avalon Ventures, Talla has already built a strong customer base and a $7 million pipeline.

Deal Highlights

$20 billion total addressable market in Robotic Process Automation with 40% CAGR
Backed by prominent VCs, including Glasswing Ventures, PJC, and Avalon Ventures
Established high-profile clients including Paypal, Toast, and Mutual of Omaha
CEO with multiple previous exits
Featured in MIT Technology Review, Forbes, and TechCrunch
This offering goes live on 3/16

Talla’s innovative product uses machine learning models for optimal customer service performance. Talla plucks information from wherever it’s located and seamlessly answers questions via a smartchat for customers and internal reps. Talla also learns over time, telling reps where their knowledge gaps are, and helping them fill in the blanks.

The result:
• 90% of support questions automated
• Agent resolutions increased by 25%
• Call support time reduced by 10%


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