Aiming to be a supremely comfortable and reusable N95 respirator – Canopy launches on Republic

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  • Patent-pending, transparent respirator system solves N95 flaws
  • Shipping in Q1 ’21. Projected to save hospitals >50% on PPE; quickly pays for itself
  • Featured on Shark Tank in 2020 w/ offers from Mark Cuban & Barbara Corcoran
  • Led by Google, Johns Hopkins, DaVita, Boston Scientific & Pall alumni
  • Strong unit economics, razor / blade model & lean cost structure
  • >$1B ย annual enterprise pipeline managed by med-device sales veterans
  • Upcoming pilot with Northwell, New York’s largest health system

Every day, healthcare professionals and frontline workers have to deal with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that gets in the way of their comfort, their breathing, and their communication. These devices also create over 100,000 tons of landfill waste per year and can cost hospitals over $1,000 per employee annually.

When released, Canopy will be a clinician-designed, hospital-grade respirator with a proprietary replacement filter. Shipping in Q1 2021, every aspect of Canopy was developed by a team of Johns-Hopkins-trained biomedical engineers and former Nike industrial designers with a radially-pleated, patent-pending filter that has 3x the surface area of a standard N95, giving users the space to breathe easily.


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