AMASS | Omnichannel premium botanic lifestyle brand

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AMASS is a premium botanic lifestyle brand with a diversified apothecary-inspired product offering that includes spirits as well as wellness products like hand sanitizer, soap, bath salts, and more.

The choice for numerous luxury establishments such as Soho House and a variety of Michelin Star restaurants (but also available direct to consumer), AMASS is seeking to reinvent social and self-care rituals for the modern consumer.

AMASS is led by serial entrepreneur Mark T. Lynn, whose prior companies have collectively generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. As of Q4 2020, AMASS has grown to an $8M revenue run rate and has thrived despite the COVID-19 pandemic, growing sales 549%+ YoY in 2020 (unaudited) while also formalizing multiple promising distribution channels, including with Whole Foods.


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