Arcade Campaign Recap – Successfully Funded & Closing

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Arcade | Campaign in Review & Closing Tomorrow, October 23rd

Arcade a mobile platform aiming to increase performance on distributed sales teams through adaptive gamified incentives.
Deal highlights & campaign updates to date include:
• Revenue-Generating | $1.2M+ of contracted annual recurring revenue as of July 2020, representing a 450%+ increase compared to year-end 2018
• VC-Backed | Notable investors and accelerators include ATX Venture Partners, TEN13, RevTech Ventures, Capital Factory, and 500 Startups
• COVID-19 Customer Growth | Achieved 130% customer growth since April 2020 and is now serving 70 mid-sized business and enterprise customers
• Product Updates | Company to launch software compatibility with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams, enabling all companies using Salesforce or the Microsoft Teams the platforms to seamlessly onboard their over 80M users onto Arcade
Arcade is accepting investments until the campaign closes tomorrow, October 23rd at 11:59pm ET. The company is successfully funded and has raised over $1.33M.


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