At-home health testing with COVID-19 antibody testing kits – Choose Health launches on Republic

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Choose Health launches on Republic

Simple, affordable, at-home health testing

A personalized, at-home health tracking service that provides actionable insights

The Highlights
• 350+ Active D2C subscriptions | On track to exceed 2K by the end of 2020
• Established and growing D2C, Amazon and B2B physician distribution channels
• Personalized biomarker selections and lifestyle insights
• COVID-19 antibody testing kits launched through physician network
• Addressing multiple growing markets in healthcare and technology
• Invest $150 & get a free kit ($68 value)
1 in 2 Americans suffer from at least 1 chronic disease. Traditional annual check-ups and lab visits are not effectively monitoring and tracking patient health.

Choose Health lets individuals take control of their health by providing an at-home test kit that tracks the core markers of internal health from the comfort of a patient’s home. All of their tests and insights are backed by the latest scientific and clinical research.
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