Available in 5k+ stores including Walmart and Target – Edible Garden launches on Republic

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Edible Garden launches on Republic

Changing agriculture with technology, sustainability & real sales

Safe, scalable, Zero-Waste Inspired® farming

The Highlights
• 100% sales growth YOY, projected to reach $11M in 2020
• Sales at major retailers: Walmart, Target, ShopRite, Hannaford, Kroger, etc
• AgTech/future farming patented technology—self water displays & software
• Sustainable, locally grown produce in 5,000+ store doors and counting!
• Strategically located operations—New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana & Michigan
• Innovative packaging solutions to secure supply chain safety
Safety issues, contamination recalls, over-fertilization, massive water usage, genetically modified ingredients, over dependence on plastics, too many food miles—there are huge problems with the current model of legacy, large scale agriculture.

Edible Garden has created a state-of-the-art sustainable and Zero-Waste Inspired® hydroponic indoor greenhouses & farms run by proprietary farm management software. Fully operated by local people, Edible Garden’s facilities provide jobs and opportunities while supplying customers with products that use less to grow more while cutting down on food miles and their carbon footprint.

They are also beginning to leverage blockchain technology at every stage of the supply chain in order to ensure full transparency, traceability and safety in every product they offer.


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