Backed by VCs that funded Venmo, Casper and Warby Parker – Kangaroo launches on Republic

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Kangaroo launches on Republic

Smart home security for everyone
A complete ecosystem of simple, affordable, hubless and privacy-focused products

The Highlights
• Free $200 Security Kit included with investment
• $18M raised from Greycroft and Lerer Hippeau
• Affordable cloud-based, hubless home security
• Targeting the 83% of homes in US that do not have security systems
• 20K+ users since our launch and consistent 5-star reviews
Despite surging consumer interest in home security, the solutions available—installed and DIY—remain too complex and cost-prohibitive for most consumers. As a result, the vast majority of U.S. homes remain unsecured.

Kangaroo is redefining the security industry with privacy-focused products that seamlessly bring the physical and digital worlds together. Their cloud-based smart home infrastructure is simple, affordable and easy to use.


Market Size: $3B unaddressed market
1.6B homes are unprotected globally. Over 480M of these homes have smartphones and WiFi but don’t have a compatible home security system. In the United States, this figure is a whopping 49M homes.

Existing solutions only address 17% of U.S. households
Competing home security systems are expensive ($500+ on average), use old technology, require professional installation and have a poor user interface. Kangaroo is affordable and its mobile first design makes security seamless.


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