Bext360 Campaign Recap – Closing Soon

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Bext360 | Campaign in Review & Closing Soon

Bext360 is a SaaS solution for supply chain digitization, sustainability and capital access. The company utilizes blockchain, AI, and loT to improve the supply chains of global commodities.
Deal highlights & campaign updates to date include:
• Named to Forbes’ Most Innovative AgTech Startups list in 2018
• Tracks recyclables for Nespresso to improve the company’s sustainability and investment in the circular economy
• Recently signed new customer Camino Verde, a Peruvian reforestation company that will be using the company’s technology to digitize proof of their conservation efforts and supply chain operations for essential oils
• Customer Soli will offer their final retail rosewood products, traced through the Bext360 system, at Whole Foods Market in early 2021
• Designed the system for what it believes to be ‘the world’s first blockchain-traced coffee,’ offered by Coda Coffee, as reported by the Wall Street Journal
• Member of The Nature Conservancy and TechStars’ 2019 Sustainability Accelerator in Denver
• Received recommendation from Early Investing, an independent investment research firm
Bext360’s campaign is still accepting investments & closing soon.


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