Caliber Reports 100+% MoM Capital Growth & More

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Caliber reports 100+% MoM growth in capital raised plus new investor survey results

Caliber reported a 100+% MoM growth in private capital invested in its funds from July to August. As of mid-September, investments have already increased 43% since August and the month is not over.
Additionally, a recent internal Caliber client survey revealed that 62.5% of respondents indicated an intent to invest before or after the election, or within the next 12-16 months.
“Caliber is hearing from its private clients and registered investment advisors alike that they will keep investing,” says Chris Loeffler, CEO and Co-Founder of Caliber. “We believe the increase is driven by an improvement in customer expectations for real estate investment following the COVID pandemic.”

What is Caliber?
Caliber is a full-service real estate investment company that provides investors access to sophisticated, private real estate investments.
Here’s how it works:
• Individual accredited investors or registered investment advisors invest in Caliber Funds to gain access to real estate investments, without having to actively manage them.
• Caliber acquires residential, commercial, or hospitality real estate it views as potentially attractive and able to generate future gains.
• Caliber’s internal real estate services divisions work to develop, construct, and manage the assets it acquires to improve profitability and potentially grow asset values.
• Caliber continually evaluates each project to determine the optimum time to harvest gains, refinance, or re-invest and take advantage of new market opportunities for investors.
Caliber manages all facets of each project for investors, from purchase, development, and construction to marketing, sales, and reporting, creating an alternative way to access an established asset class – real estate.


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