Campaign Launch for American Vanity LLC

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Science-Based CBD Skincare

American Vanity, LLC
Regulation CF Offering
$200 Min. Investment
American Vanity LLC creates revolutionary skincare formulations that combine the most effective legacy skincare ingredients with organic CBD, via a proprietary BioAdvance CBD delivery system.


• The company has a strong exit potential. Recent transactions in beauty value exits at 8-12x revenue. In the last few years Big Beauty have established a deep partnership with American Vanity’s manufacturer. As a seed-round investor they have a vested interest in the success of American Vanity. This provides American Vanity with an unfair advantage – including free formulation and testing, best in industry pricing, and no minimum order quantities.
• The American Vanity LLC founding team is composed of expert in skincare, marketing, sales, and finance, making them positioned for rapid growth.
• American Vanity’s products have distinct packaging displayed on both vanities and retail showcases and have received rave reviews from skincare experts and consumers.
Financing is needed to develop sales and open new sales channels. The company anticipates entering into retail distribution contracts with both big luxury retails and smaller specialty retailers like med-spas, and boosting online ad spend.


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