Campaign Launch for GenBio Inc

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Biotech company developing a new generation of drugs
GenBio Inc.
“Expanding Possibilities Through Nature”
Regulation CF Offering
$250 Min. Investment
GenBio Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company on track to develop a new generation of more potent, and less toxic drugs to treat numerous inflammatory conditions and diseases.

The company aims to be the first company in the world to isolate and identify a new molecule for the development of such drugs.

• GenBio’s drug development is backed by years of specialized research.
• The company’s US-based specialized research team is also backed by an international panel of scientists.
• The long-term drug program will focus on numerous inflammatory conditions and diseases, starting with arthritis.
• The company aims to tap into the billion dollar global anti-inflammatory drug market.
The company is seeking capital to advance its current research to the next critical stage with a specialized scientific team specializing in anti-inflammatory drugs.


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