Campaign Launch for Rogue Space

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Revolutionary Satellite Servicing Company

Rogue Space Systems Corporation
Orbital Service Solutions for the New Space Age
Regulation CF Offering
$20,745 Raised | 18 Investors
$240 Min. Investment
Rogue Space is tapping on the multi-billion-dollar global space industry by providing essential services to satellite manufacturers and operators. The company is developing Orbital Robots (OrbotsTM) that will provide inspection, monitoring, maintenance, repair, overhaul and Orbital Transfer Services to satellites in orbit.

Company Highlights
• The company owns all of the intellectual property related to its proprietary solutions.
• It has gained attention and support from both NASA and the U.S. Air Force/Space Force.
• The only organization to offer a full suite of services capable of successfully completing each mission without damaging target satellites or creating incremental space debris.
• Rogue’s Laura-1 OrbotTM, is scheduled to launch in Q3 of 2021, and will demonstrate its inspection, observation, and maneuvering capabilities while conducting science and research for our US Government sponsors and partners.
• Has a sustainable and diversified business model.
• Massive, largely untapped market.


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