Cannabis Industry Roundup: Hitch Robotics’ Cannabis Partner

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Introducing Hitch Robotics’ Cannabis Partner, Grown Rogue

Recently, Grown Rogue (CNSX: GRIN), a publicly traded, vertically integrated cannabis company, signed a commercial agreement with Hitch to assist in the development of autonomous farming technology. This agreement has a potential revenue value of over $24.8mm.

Grown Rogue’s operation, like most farms, faces severe labor shortages and rising costs, which correlates directly to the bottom line. They were attracted by the versatility and functionality of Hitch’s bot, which they believe willย increase their harvest productivity by as much as 30%.

“Partnering with Hitch will allow us to autonomously harvest our flower resulting in lower costs, increased margins allowing us to scale our business faster, and benefit our shareholders. We expect to see an immediate financial impact to the company allowing us to increase our customer base by providing them with more products at the best prices,” said Obie Strickler, CEO at Grown Rogue.

Hitch’s team is working closely with Grown Rogue to refine both its Phase I bot (the Transport Hitch) as well as the Phase II unit (the Harvest Hitch), which will aim to autonomously harvest cannabis flowers at anytime.

This agreement with Grown Rogue and segue into the cannabis market shows the versatility of Hitch’s product.

“When we were creating Hitch, we were designing a product that could work on any farm, regardless if it is a specialty crop, like grapes and stone fruit, or a cannabis/hemp farm. Farmers today need all the tools they can get to combat labor shortages, rising costs, and increased competition from international markets,” says Nick Giancola, CEO of Hitch Robotics.


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