Category-Shattering Craft Spirits – Invest in Clear Water Distilling

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Regulation Crowdfunding Offering

Award-Winning Distillery
$635,091 Raised | 1,221 Investors
$249.26 Min. Investment

Clear Water Distilling Co. produces handcrafted premium spirits inspired by the inner rebel in each of us. Built with a passion for great taste, Clear Water incorporates different distilling methods, high-quality yeast and unique ingredients to craft category-shattering spirits. Reasons to invest in Clear Water Distilling include:
โ€ข Market Opportunity: The US craft spirits market is expected to reach revenues of more than $20B by 2023, growing at over 32% CAGR during 2018-2023.
โ€ข Distribution: Clear Water is already selling online to over 30 states and has begun forming strategic retail partnerships with distributors in key markets.
Clear Water Distilling combines fresh and unique ingredients with non-traditional techniques to create flavors that stand above the norm. You can invest in Clear Water Distilling for as little as $249.26.


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