Ceramic Home Manufacturer Raises $800K

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Regulation Crowdfunding Offering
Invest in a Homebuilding Revolution
$872,693 Raised | 1,240 Investors
$305.10 Min. Investment

Geoship is creating homes for living in harmony with nature. Through revolutionary technology, they produce affordable, zero-carbon ceramic domes. Other reasons to invest in Geoship include:
โ€ข Sustainability: Geoship’s homes are made from materials that can be harvested from non-toxic waste stream sources, and can actually sequester more CO2 than the amount released in production.
โ€ข Cost-Efficiency: Geoship’s bioceramic domes are expected to cost 60x less to maintain than the average “wood box” house.
Geoship is providing the tools for customers to network into communities and democratize the design-and-build process. You can invest in Geoship for as little as $305.10.


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