Closing: Hydrogen-powered Windcraft Aviation

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Wind Craft Aviation is developing a zero carbon, hydrogen-powered eVTOL aircraft.

The company is working to develop an aircraft that is affordable, efficient, and capable of reaching some of the most remote places in the world. In the future, the company intends to provide its aircraft and subcomponents to customers on a contracted service or for purchase.

Highlights include:

• Carbon-neutral fuel cell can offer more efficiency than traditional lithium-ion batteries
• Named a top 50 early-stage companies in Michigan by Renaissance Venture Capital
• Flying scale prototype in preparation for beta testing in foreign markets in 2021
• Awarded two STTRs totaling $300,000 to further develop its aircraft
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Has raised $100k+ from 200+ MV investors
Led by the U.S.’ youngest Part 107 commercial drone pilot in 2017 + Anticipated range of 300 nautical miles and 500 lb. payload


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