CodeCombat’s Lead Investor Hone Capital & Upcoming Webinar

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CodeCombat’s Investor Spotlight with Lead Investor – Hone Capital

CodeCombat teaches kids how to code through online games that are engaging, effective, and scalable. Founded by Nick Winter, CodeCombat is now used in over 25k schools across America.
The company has a number of top investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator. This round is led by Hone Capital, which is a Silicon Valley-based venture firm that has invested in a number of startups including Airtable, Transferwise, and Flexport, among others.
The team at Hone Capital says of CodeCombat, “Coding is an essential skill, like basic math. CodeCombat provides one of the most engaging platform for kids to learn and develop their coding skills via gamification.”

Another investor on why he invested in CodeCombat:
Ross Perkins, Co-Founder, Istet Games: “Whether or not my kids want to become software developers, I know that giving them a solid background in coding will make them more successful no matter what they decide to do. CodeCombat is fun, engaging and teaches them the skills that ALL kids should know for the future – whatever future they choose for themselves.”

End of Campaign Webinar Next Week
Tune in next Tuesday, August 4th at 3pm ET to hear from Nick Winter, CEO of CodeCombat for an end of campaign webinar. Nick will pitch the business and answer questions directly from investors. Register for the webinar at the link below.


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