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$99.96 minimum

Issuer Pixel is solving the company discovery problem in a $130 billion dollar market. They have created a global, searchable, company and industry-specific video and audio sharing platform connecting companies to the world.

Deal Highlights
CEO co-founded Revere Data LLC, which was eventually acquired by Factset Data Systems, Inc. CEO has co-authored three financial analytics and database patents, and has decades of financial markets experience.

Globally recognized advisors, including former founder, CEO, and Chairman of ZAGG, Inc and 2009 Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Patent pending technology leveraging the power of machine learning and AI. Patent strategy is Omnibus patent family with 6 patents planned. 1st Utility patent filed and pending. 5 more patents being prepared and will be strategically filed.

$130.5 Billion Dollar Total Available Market – for both domestic and international presence.
This Offering goes live Monday, May 3rd.

Issuer Pixel’s multi-faceted business model includes a freemium model for users and for companies. Other revenue channels include:
• Advertising
• Information Sharing
• Promoted content


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