COVID-19 SeedInvest Deal Updates

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Four SeedInvest startups addressing COVID-19
In the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic, four deals currently raising on SeedInvest have continued to innovate. Learn more about the four deals currently raising on SeedInvest below.

20/20 to sell first & only FDA-authorized COVID-19 rapid antibody test for point-of-care use
20/20 GeneSystems recently ordered Assure Tech COVID-19 Rapid Test kits in order to sell them to pharmacies, urgent care centers, and doctor’s offices. Assure Tech’s kits recently received an emergency use authorization (EUA) from the FDA for point-of-care (POC) use with fingerstick blood samples. This update is significant as it means 20/20 will be able to sell these tests for use at the point of care (vs in clinical laboratories), generating further revenue. The company has already sold 100K COVID-19 antibody tests to date. The last day to invest in 20/20, the healthtech company with the most investments currently on SeedInvest, is next Friday, October 30th.


Techmetics launches COVID-19 disinfection robot & secures new distribution agreement
Techmetics Robotics, developer of autonomous mobile robots, recently launched the “Techi UV Disinfection”, a robot designed to disinfect premises from COVID-19.


Cytonics announces experimental clinical trial to treat COVID-19
Cytonics believes that its lead drug candidate CYT-108, originally designed to stop the breakdown of cartilage in osteoarthritis, may have therapeutic effects in inhibiting inflammation when delivered into the lungs of COVID-19 patients. Because of this, the company created an experimental plan to test its lead drug candidate, CYT-108, as a therapeutic for patients suffering from COVID-19.


Frame reports on President Trump’s COVID-19 treatment ahead of mass media
In late September, Frame published a new story, The Antibody Cure, sourced by one of Frame’s journalists with inside access to one of the leading biotech companies working on a cure for Covid-19, Regeneron. The Antibody Cure takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes journey of what it was like for Regeneron’s employees racing to develop a potential cure for COVID-19.

Later on October 2nd, news broke that President Trump had tested positive for COVID-19, and that doctors had given him Regeneron’s experimental antibody treatment. The Antibody Cure gained traction, with people like New York Times Styles reporter, Taylor Lorenz (180K+ Twitter followers), retweeting the story. Frame’s campaign is closing soon


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