CrowdComfort Signs New Agreement

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CrowdComfort Signs New Location Agreement

CrowdComfort recently entered into an agreement with Iron Mountain, an enterprise information management services company, for the full CrowdComfort solution at their Boston HQ. CrowdComfort had been previously introduced two other office locations. CrowdComfort’s solution enables Iron Mountain employees and service providers to easily submit facility related requests and be notified when they are complete.
In addition, all three sites will now be using CrowdComfort’s new Covid-19 Cleaning Map product that assists facility managers in delivering enhanced accountability and transparency around cleaning activities. The output for this product is an easy-to-digest dashboard and visualization of cleaning status across the facility. Cleaning maps can also be used as an audit trail to validate the locations, frequency, and type of cleanings completed. Success at this facility and others will be used to further drive growth of the Covid-19 product offering with new and existing clients.


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