CrowdComfort Signs Pilot with Tesla

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CrowdComfort signs pilot agreement with Tesla
CrowdComfort recently entered into an agreement with Tesla at their Freemont, CA headquarters and manufacturing facility for a 45-day pilot of their new CrowdComfort Covid-19 Cleaning Map product. If the pilot is successful, the agreement could convert to a subscription for services to be deployed in a phased approach. Phase I of post-pilot expansion would cover between 500k and 2mm square feet.

CrowdComfort’s new Covid-19 Cleaning Map product assists facility managers in delivering enhanced accountability and transparency around cleaning activities. Using this product, management and employees can validate the locations, frequency and type of cleanings completed. Existing clients include General Electric, Cisco, Nestle, Fidelity, Amgen, and several other Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies


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