DigiBuild Customer Milestone- Huge Builder Hitt Contracting signs LOI

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We have some more great customer news to report. Hitt Contracting is one of the largest construction contractors in the United States and they’re making a push to utilize new technology to gain a competitive advantage in the market. We’re proud to announce they have signed a letter of intent to beta test DigiBuild and join our Industry Standards Body for Blockchain in Construction!


Beta testing is the first step towards Hitt signing on as a paying customer with DigiBuild. And having them join our standards body makes that group even more influential as an organization that seeks to introduce, govern, and promote the use of blockchain technology in construction (and DigiBuild is the only one building the software for the group, hello technology moat).


Engineering News-Record is one of the most reputable publications in construction and publishes the most respected annual list of top construction companies called “ENR 400”. Hitt Contracting is currently # 39 on that list making it one of the largest and most well-known construction companies in the US. DigiBuild is thrilled to have them working with us!


We continue to get support from ENR 400 companies and top construction stakeholders who believe that blockchain is the future of construction. ย If you’ve invested in us, THANK YOU, we will continue to deliver customers and progress. If you haven’t invested yet, we’d love to have you on board and we hope our latest major customer progress speaks for itself!


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