DJ Screw documentary launches on NextSeed

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From Emmy and Peabody award-winning producers
Documenting the life of a hip-hop legend
• Award-winning film team: International Emmys, Peabodys, among others
• Never-before-seen footage provided by the family and estate of DJ Screw
• Cameos from prominent artists influenced by Screw’s music and legacy, as well as personal stories from family and close friends
• 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of his passing, resulting in a surge of interest in his story

This is a unique opportunity to invest in a documentary film project on NextSeed, and receive distributions if and when the film is sold/distributed.
Note: due to regulations this deal is for U.S. investors only.
The film, ‘Chopped and Screwed: The Final Mixtape’, is a first-hand account of legendary hip hop artist and Houston-born DJ Screw. The story is told through never-before-seen footage provided by his family and estate, cameos from prominent artists influenced by Screw’s music, as well as personal stories from family and close friends.
A powerful social commentary
George Floyd, a member of DJ Screw’s clique and a consultant of the film, and his untimely death have an astounding overlap with the film’s depth of the inextricable links between social injustice and the music industry. Told from the perspective of those afflicted by it, resulting in a powerful, engaging, and timely social commentary.
This documentary is directed by multi-platinum music producer and songwriter, Isaac Yowman, and led by the Executive Producer of Life Below Zero (six-time Emmy award winning series) and the creators of the Netflix sensation Hip Hop Evolution (International Emmy and Peabody Award).
Investors in the film will be participating in a Revenue Sharing Note, receiving distributions if and when the film is sold or distributed.


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