Don’t Miss Out on 3 Deals Closing Soon: Seedinvest

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Don’t Miss Out on 3 Deals Closing Soon

CellarStash | Direct-to-consumer online wine marketplace
• As a spin-off of Splash Wines, CellarStash has a marketing agreement in place with Splash to market to its community of 150k+ subscribers
• Memorandum of Understanding in place with Vingo, a direct-to consumer wine fulfillment company

Countable | Enterprise digital engagement platform
• Notable clients include Starbucks, Uber, Patagonia, Levi’s, a leading electric car manufacturer, and other leading companies
• Clients are granted exclusive access to an audience network of over 190mm users

UCapture | eCommerce green-tech platform offsetting carbon footprints
• Produced >150% YoY revenue growth by adding over 20,000 new affiliate marketing partners and increasing new revenue generating users by over 279% (unaudited)
• Contracted by EnergyAustralia to deliver a white-label version of our technology to their customers beginning with 30,000, with expected revenue of $100,000 in 2020


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