Family-friendly film about a dog who sheds money – Furry Fortune launches on Republic

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Furry Fortune The Movie launches on Republic

A story filled with action, comedy, and drama for the whole family

A family-friendly film about a dog who sheds money

The Highlights
• Brad Wilson and his team have worked on many successful Hollywood films
• Team includes award-winning director, producer, and composer
• Already raised more than $150,000 of $500,000 film budget
• Product placement agreement with dog food brand in place
• In the event of success, investors will paid back then all profits will be distributed pro rata
In a world with so much negativity and conflict, audiences are looking for escapism and entertainment they can share with the whole family.

Furry Fortune is a family-friendly movie about a dog whose fur turns into money, and it ends with a PAW-sitive message.


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