Featured in Forbes, Bustle and Refinery29- Bloomi launches on Republic

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The Highlights

• Company believes they are on track to $2.3M revenue by 2021
• High average order value of $85
• Nominated best retailer of the year by Beauty Independent
• They organically grew their community to 100k womxn
• Sextech market expected to reach $122B by 2026
• Founder has track record of scaling sextech products that are acquired
• $300k raised to date from angels investors, VCs, and celebrities
There is no destination for reliable intimate care shopping and learning for women, and 98% of intimate care products on the market have toxic ingredients.

Bloomi has built a trusted source of toxic-free intimate care products and content for all womxn that can be accessed in one marketplace. All products carefully curated by their team of experts to provide clean intimate care that won’t throw off pH, cause infections, or unnecessary illnesses.

Traction: Break-even & 300% growth in less than 1 year
Bloomi’s small team of hustlers has organically grown our community to 100,000 womxn including a social media following of 12k. Our marketplace has a high conversion rate of 5%+. With their current traction, they are projecting $2.3M in annual sales by 2021.

They’ve been nominated as best retailer of the year by Beauty Independent and featured in top publications such as Forbes, Bustle, Refinery29, Nylon, Well + Good, and more.


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