Featured in Forbes: Making “air travel fun and pleasant” – Zephyr Aerospace

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Zephyr Aerospace launches on Republic

Democratizing comfort in the sky
A lie-flat airline seat for Economy Class travelers

The Highlights
• A lie-flat, social distancing compliant seat for airlines
• Retrofits existing commercial aircraft (Boeing and Airbus)
• Provisional international patents filed for seat design and utility
• Partnership with award-winning aerospace design company Style & Design
• Increases ancillary revenue for airlines by 30%+
Air travel can be unpleasant. Most airline seats haven’t changed since the 1970s and 99% of Economy Class seats are fixed upright making it difficult to relax and sleep. Upgrading to a better seat is possible, but Business Class is cost-prohibitive for the majority of travelers.

Zephyr is a lie-flat seat designed for Economy Class travelers on long-distance flights. Zephyr fills the gap for travelers that value comfort but don’t want to pay a premium for Business Class. Utilizing an innovative “stacked” seating configuration, each Zephyr Seat can be retrofitted into the existing real estate of the airline without a loss of seating density.


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