Final Hours – Last call for two investment opportunities

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Two investment opportunities are heading into their final hours. Check them out below.

–The NextSeed Team


Less than 48 hours left to add ARRIVE Albuquerque to your portfolio.  

ARRIVE Albuquerque, a real estate investment opportunity, will officially close at midnight on Thursday 12/31.

This new location from boutique hotel brand ARRIVE Hotels is a full renovation of an iconic mid-century building in a rapidly redeveloping central business district. The project has received a formal bank term sheet and is scheduled to break ground in early 2021.

Visit the campaign page for more information about investing before the campaign closes on 12/31.

Invest in a revenue sharing note AND qualify for free pizza for life? 

Shoot The Moon, an innovative new server-less restaurant model well-positioned to thrive in a post-COVID landscape, is also just two days away from closing their limited time offer for investors to earn free pizza for life.

Although the investment opportunity will remain open through January 4th, the last chance to qualify for the pizza reward is Thursday 12/31.

Learn more about Shoot The Moon and how to qualify for free pizza for life on the campaign page.



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