Financial literacy through AI: FinLitX

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Brain Games LS brings FinLitX, an autonomous app that teaches financial literacy without need of human interaction. Advanced AI will identify the player’s financial vulnerability and through Machine Learning, virtual reality, repetition, competition and rewards, instill positive values potentially leading to better grades, self-esteem, and net worth. It’s like having your own advanced personal financial coach to guide you to success.


Deal Highlights


๐Ÿ“šEndorsement by the NBA Analyst Kenny Smith
๐Ÿ“šContracted to provide Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship training for the High School of Fashion Industries in the heart of New York City.
๐Ÿ“š2018 – 2021 expansion to service 11 States, 3 Countries.
๐Ÿ“šSpecial Congressional Award: 2020 Keeping the Dream Alive Award, in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community, Recognized By Bill Pascrell Jr., United States Representative, Member of Congress.


Brain Game LS has already an established vendor to the school and consumer education marketplace with its Road To Prosperity Learning System.
The global education market is set to reach at least $10T by 2030 as population growth in developing markets fuels a massive expansion and technology drives unprecedented re-skilling and up-skilling in developed economies. The next decade will see an additional 350 million post secondary graduates and nearly 800 million more K12 graduates than today. Asia and Africa are the driving force behind the expansion. The world needs to add 1.5 million teachers per year on average, approaching 100 million in total in order to keep pace with the unprecedented changes ahead in education around the world.


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