First Look at Graze’s New Software Command Center

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Inside Graze’s new plans for a command center

Aside from the autonomous mower, Graze is planning to develop a software platform that improves operational efficiencies for commercial landscaping companies. The goal of the command center is to allow commercial landscaping teams to remotely coordinate and mobilize fleets to mow at scheduled times and on pre-programmed paths around the job site. The team aims to include the following features:

  • Scheduling & configuration: enable landscaping teams to easily schedule mowing times and paths
  • Fleet tracking: track any mower in the fleet on a map-based interface
  • Data visualization: visualize the data captured by Graze’s sensor suite
  • Unit-level data and diagnostics: access unit-level data on any mower in the fleet, including a live camera feed and real-time obstacle alerts
  • Weather data: track weather forecasts and receive alerts prior to scheduled mows
  • Demand forecasting: use collected data to create predictive models on future demand and trends

The campaign is successfully funded and still accepting investments.


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