Fisher Wallace Laboratories

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Medical Devices for Mood and Sleep
$2,054,460 Raised | 1,215 Investors
$496.80 Min. Investment

Fisher Wallace produces devices that treat depression, anxiety and insomnia. The Fisher Wallace Stimulatorยฎ stimulates the brain to produce serotonin and modulate brainwave activity, with a high effectiveness rate and limited side effects. Reasons to invest in Fisher Wallace include:
โ€ข Traction: Fisher Wallace has demonstrated product-market fit by selling over 60,000 medical devices through 10,000 licensed healthcare providers in the United States.
โ€ข Strong Leadership: Co-Founder and CEO Kelly Roman helped pioneer the field of wearable neuromodulation and is an expert in product development, regulatory affairs, healthcare marketing and clinical trial strategy.
Fisher Wallace is currently engaged in obtaining FDA approval and has successfully migrated its manufacturing to a high-volume facility that has reduced its cost of goods sold by 60%. You can invest in Fisher Wallace for as little as $496.80.


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