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There are currently 122 investment opportunities on StartEngine.
That’s a lot of companies to read about before making an investment decision. One thing that can help you make that decision is following the companies you’re interested in.
If you aren’t ready to commit to an investment, you can click the heart icon on a company’s campaign page to follow that company over the course of their raise. Once you follow an offering, you will receive email notifications when that company posts an update on their campaign.
That way, you can learn about exciting new business developments as they happen, whether it’s the company reaching a new funding milestone in their raise, announcing a new hire, or signing a new distribution partner.
Then if one of those updates convinces you to invest, all you have to do is click “invest now.” It’s a helpful way to keep track of investment opportunities that you may want to invest in tomorrow, if not today. Ready to get started?

Campaign Updates of the Week

BioCurity | Engagement with CSSi LifeSciences
BioCurity has announced its engagement of CSSi LifeSciences as lead clinical advisor for developing its supportive oncology care drug

NuEyes | Advisor Joins Board
Dr. Andrew Fanous, the section chief of neurological surgery at INOVA, has joined the NuEyes Board of Advisors.

Cadi | 125% Increase in Revenue in 2020
Cadi booked nearly $800,000 in revenues in 2020, a 125% increase from 2019.

American 7s Football League | New PR Relationship
A7FL has named public relations and brand consultancy NRGized Media as its agency of record.

Alive Music Festival | Three Major Sponsorships
Alive Music Festival secured three major sponsorships for this year’s festival, from Compassion International, Liberty University, and Malone University.


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