Friday’s startup investment opportunity: Hearo.Live

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As the weekend nears we selected an interesting and promising startup to tell you about, Hearo.Live.
Hearo.Live created an interactive live platform for watching sports, shows, and events remotely. Viewers can interact through voice and chat functionality similar to multiplayer gaming, allowing them to share an experience as if they were in the same room.

Hearo.Live’s founder, Ed Lerner, is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in this space. He had a successful exit as the founder of Looking Glass Technologies, that was sold to Intermetrics in 2016.

Hearo.Live’s Startup Strength Indicators:

1. Experienced founder: Edward Lerner has a very strong background, including a successful exit in the gaming sector.

2. Notable investors: Michael Dornbrook (Ex Chief Scientist NVIDIA) Tim Chae (GP at 500Startups), Ross Koningstein (First Director of Engineering, Google), Alex Rigopulos, to name just a few.

3. Notable partners: Undisclosed.

4. Proprietary IP/Patents: Yes

Hearo.Live has three key startup strength indicators, but what is especially important is that the founder’s past success and current technology had brought such heavyweight investors and top market experts to personally invest in the company. The timing for Hearo.Live also seems right with the growing need to overcome social distancing and isolation with online connectivity and shared digital experiences.

You can join more than a thousand investors in Hearo.Live’s equity crowdfunding campaign on Republic, from $100.


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