Friday’s startup investment opportunity:TerraCycle

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TerraCycle is a late-stage startup, making substantial profits and paying its shareholders a dividend. They are on a mission to eliminate waste, and consider themselves a social enterprise. They are active in 20 countries and claim they can recycle any form of waste, with specific technologies developed for each for of waste they recycle. They operate community programs with some of the biggest brands in the US to collect waste and then turn it into usable and valuable materials and products, which they sell.

TerraCycle’s Startup Strength Indicators:*
โ€ข Strong Team: Includes leading executives such as Richard Perl, that has been leading investments and business transactions in leading companies for 25 years.
โ€ข Notable Partners: Tide, Colgate, Nestle and many other Fortune 500 companies.
โ€ข Revenues and Sales: Earned over $27M in revenues in 2019 with a profit of over $13M and pay their shareholders a dividend.
TerraCycle is a mature startup, and have notable achievements in the Startup Strength Indicators. I find that the most impressive thing about TerraCycle is their ability to turn their environmental and socail mission to a profitable, fast growing business. Anyone can now join TerraCycle and their mission for greener planet by investing in their equity crowdfunding campaign, starting with just $700.


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